Deliveries during the heatwave - Thursday 11th August until Monday 15th August

Deliveries during the heatwave - Thursday 11th August until Monday 15th August

Latest Update Wednesday the 10th of August:

With temperatures once again reaching over 30°c please be cautious ordering chocolate. Cecil's Confectionery Ltd will not be held responsible for Chocolate being delivered in a melted condition.

We advise anyone ordering chocolate to select Express Shipping so it get's to you the next day. Doing this will only have your order in Royal Mail Warehouses overnight, where temperatures are set to still fall below 20°c of a night time.

No Chocolates will be dispatched via Tracked Standard Shipping over the weekend, they will all be kept in our store until Monday the 15th, because if Chocolates are sat in Royal Mail Warehouses all weekend, it's very likely they will melt.

July's Heatwave Announcement:

Some of our services have been affected so please expect delays from Royal Mail. Statement from Royal Mail below:

Deliveries & Collections on Monday and Tuesday 

The Met Office has issued a red weather warning for Monday 18 July and Tuesday 19 July.  Customers should be advised that whilst we will do everything we can to keep services running during this exceptional weather, there may be areas where there is some disruption to their regular service.

In areas where temperatures rise to potentially dangerous levels during the day, our staff have been advised to return to the office with mail they have been unable to deliver and not put themselves under any risk of falling ill due to the extreme heat. 

We are working with our unions to ensure the safety of all of our staff during this time.

Original Red Weather Warning Update

As the UK is issued Amber and Red Weather Warnings for extreme heat, we have to be careful what we send with Royal Mail. Sending out Chocolate and Fudge that is likely to be sat in a warehouse during the heatwave, is obviously, not a good idea, especially whilst temperatures are set to soar past 30 degree centigrade on both Monday and Tuesday.

Whilst I would hope that most people would think about the fact Chocolate will melt in this heat, I understand that it may not cross some peoples minds. Fudge will probably not melt, but it will go soft and still not reach you in a satisfactory condition, therefore we will not be sending out any orders that contain Chocolate or Fudge from Saturday the 16th of July through until Wednesday the 20th, unless this is requested by the customer, which is completely up to you and Cecil's Confectionery will not take any responsibility for Chocolate or Fudge turning up melted and no refunds will be given.

The temperature is forecast to fall down below 20°C on Wednesday, so we will dispatch all orders containing Chocolate on Wednesday the 20th of July. Unfortunately even the evening of Tuesday the 19th is expected to stay above 30°so Wednesday is the best option for dispatch.

If you need chocolate to be with you by the weekend of the 23rd and 24th, we would advise you to selected Express Shipping even if you're ordering on Sunday the 17th, as dispatching on Wednesday via standard shipping may not get to you in time for the weekend.

Thank you and enjoy the sun everyone!

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